With the #EcoFighters – School students for the environment project we aim at promoting a culture of environmental awareness and activism in the context of school student and apprentices organisations, through democratic participation of young people in various ways, platforms and levels.

In order to achieve that, the work plan has the following objectives:

#EcoFighters Course

The MOOC on environmental awareness and activism is a course that was developed by a team of young environmental activists and educators (Alexandra, Terhi, Marian, Lucija and Rob – a huge virtual hugs and amazing job for all of them) and it aims to raise the awareness in school students and other young people on the topic of environmental awareness and activism.

It leads the learner through an educational path covering:

  • The current state of the environment and challenges of today regarding the same;
  • Their individual impact on the planet, and how they can make small steps in order to improve the situation;
  • Environmental activism and inspirational examples;
  • How one can organise and lead their own initiatives and actions for the environment;
  • Policy and advocacy regarding the environment.
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The Organising Bureau of European School Student Unions (OBESSU) is the platform for cooperation between the national school student unions active in general secondary and secondary vocational education in Europe. It was founded in April 1975 in Dublin, Ireland and brings together Member, Candidate and Affiliate Organisations from all over Europe. All Member Organisations are independent, national, representative and democratic school student organisations.

As OBESSU we stand together..

  1. to represent the school students as stakeholders of their educational systems, and in issues concerning their lives;
  2. to provide the national school student unions with assistance and support and to co-operate for the development of school student representative structures;
  3. to encourage and enable exchange of experience and good practice among the national school students unions;
  4. to promote equal access to education and to strive for the end of all discrimination and injustice within the educational systems;
  5. to contribute to the development of democratic educational systems in Europe, that promote active citizenship in all forms;
  6. to promote solidarity and understanding between young people;
  7. to promote new teaching methods in learning and promote healthy teaching environment.

Find out more information about OBESSU at www.obessu.org.


#EcoFighters – School students for the environment and this MOOC are implemented and produced by OBESSU, the support of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.

The content within the MOOC does not necessarily reflect the official position of the Council of Europe.